God of War - Red Virginia

God of War - Red Virginia
Red Virginia Plug

The Virginia experiment continues and several months later the Bright Virginia plug that is cased half with Tonka Bean and half Blackberry just keeps getting better and better. I wonder what Tonka would do for red Virginia leaf. Well here we are.

De-stemmed a pound of red Virginia and cased the whole thing with 2 ounces of Tonka bean casing. I let it rest for 24 hours and then pressing. After the de-stemming I ended up with two plugs about 175g each. Pressed for several days and finally stoved for 400F for 4 hours while still in the press.

two 175g red Virginia plugs cased with tonka bean

Smoking the burnt ends, cube cut and rubbed out in the 1967 Dunhill. This needs time to rest to fully develop but right off the bat it has that classic red Virginia sweetness. Nothing harsh in the smoke at all.